Title: Bathroom Time
Pairing(s): Zarry (Zayn Malik/Harry Styles)
Summary: After a good and silent shower, Zayn and Harry are ready for their first time.

 Harry had to bit on his lower lip to prevent a moan of erupting at the back of his throat. He looked at Zayn with pure lust and something never seen in Harry Styles’ eyes. Pride.

He was proud because he had finally found the true love of his life, he was proud because he was able to keep a serious relationship for more than three months, and he was proud because Zayn Malik was his.

Harry felt his cock grow bigger with every muscle of Zayn’s arms that tensed and relaxed as he slid the blade down his cheeks. He was half naked, the lower part of his body covered by a white towel hanging loosely around his waist. We all know how sexy tanned people are in white clothes, in this case, towels. Zayn bent down to wash the razor, bringing it back to his face. The green eyed male continued to wash his body, sat in the bathtub. The bathroom was silent, the only sound was the background music, which was playing some random song that Harry didn’t even bother to listen clearly; his mind was focused on the sexy lad in front of the mirror. Neither of the two males needed to say a word, they were just enjoying each other’s presence. Those kind of moments we more than usual now, sometimes, when Harry came to Zayn’s flat, they just spoke the simple hi, nothing more, and they spent the rest of the evening silently watching movies, cuddling, occasionally kissing, but no word was spoken.

“Z! Next song!” Harry said loudly, and the two boys exchanged a short glance on the mirror and Zayn leaned to his iPod on the little balcony next to the sink.

Harry was almost done with his bath by the time that Asian Persuasion started playing, and he smirked. Zayn looked at Harry through the mirror, also smirking.

“Bring good memories, doesn’t it?” Zayn spoke, they had stared into each other’s orbs for a few short seconds, and Harry nodded happily, his mind flying to that day, eight weeks ago. Harry was checking his Twitter, sat on Zayn’s lap as them both waited for the food to arrive. One of the girls he followed, tweeted a video, but what caught Harry’s attention was the tittle. It was saying something along the lines of “Sexiest video of Zayn Malik ever”, and Harry smirked at his boyfriend dancing with friends to the song Asian Persuasion. He showed it to Zayn and asked if he could dance that song for him, and Zayn did. Halfway through the song he decided to teach his boyfriend, and they finished up almost having sex. Almost…

“Yeah…” Harry agreed, finally getting out of the bathtub and grabbing a towel to dry his body. Zayn had only shaved half of his face when he felt two strong arms sneak around his waist; right after an intoxicating kiss was placed to his shoulder.

Zayn smiled, leaving the blade down on the sink so he could intertwine his fingers with Harry’s upon his stomach. Both men had their gaze locked on the mirror, green meeting hazel as they stared at each other’s perfectly sculpted faces.

“You’re beautiful…” Harry whispered into his boyfriend’s ear making a delicious shiver erupt from Zayn’s skin, running all over his body. Zayn smiled truthfully, relaxing under his boyfriends touch, and after a few seconds of silence he replied.

“Thank you, you are even prettier.” Zayn replied, squeezing Harry’s fingers just a bit to show him how glad he was. Harry smiled brightly, due to the last couple of weeks, that was a huge progress coming from Zayn. It was the first time Harry heard Zayn thank him after a compliment, usually Zayn would roll his eyes and tell him he was lying. But Harry couldn’t blame him though, of course he was Zayn Malik, world super star, but he always had that facade on his face, he always hated his appearance because of his father, the idiot that made one of the prettiest men in the world think bad of himself, but Harry had managed to fix that.

Every single day he would tell Zayn how amazingly beautiful he was, how much of a great person he was, and slowly, but very slowly, Zayn started to believe his boyfriend’s words. Harry couldn’t be more grateful for that. All he wanted was his boyfriend to know how beautiful he truly was.

“Don’t thank me for saying the truth, love.” Harry added, nuzzling his face on that perfect raven hair of Zayn’s, inhaling the familiar smell of his coconut shampoo.

Zayn chuckled at his adorable love. The hazel eyed man had only half of his beard shaved, the other half was still covered in white shaving foam, and Harry took the opportunity to kiss Zayn’s shaved cheek, then his neck.

“Plus that white foam lets you even sexier…” Harry added, and his boyfriend chuckled again. Harry returned to the toxic kisses he was placing at Zayn’s shoulder, biting and sucking on it sometimes. Zayn moaned, his skin erupting in goosebumps every time Harry’s pinky lips touched his tanned shoulder.

“You know I like it when you kiss my jaw but I need to get this foam out of here first, so just give me a second babe.” Zayn said softly, and Harry nodded, placing one last kiss on the nape of his neck before unwrapping his arms from his boyfriend’s waist and stepping aside. He stood right beside Zayn, fixing his sexy damp hair as Zayn finished his work in his beard. Harry’s long fingers ran through his curls, putting them all in place.

Zayn put the blade down again, this time already fully shaved. The tanned man looked around in search of a towel so he could dry his face, but he looked at the chrome support next to the sink and realized that the towel wasn’t there like usual. He frowned, and looked around in search of anything he could use, and his gaze stopped at Harry’s waist. The boy had water droplets running down his body, his arms flexing just enough to be sexy as fuck as he fixed his hair.

Harry was concentrated on the mirror when he felt his towel being pulled down, and he turned around confused, only to see his handsome boyfriend using it to dry his jaw and cheeks. Harry frowned, why would he need Harry’s towel when he had one around his waist? Oh yeah, he was a tease.

“Excuse me?” Harry said making sure to sound playful so his boyfriend wouldn’t think he was rude. It was rare for Zayn to play and joke around, but when he did, Harry couldn’t do a thing to stop him. He enjoyed seeing Zayn smile and laugh, but this time Zayn was teasing him.

“Shut up.” Zayn replied, a smile on his face as he finished drying his face. Harry chuckled as he looked lovingly at Zayn.

“You know that my dick was in there only seconds ago, right?” Harry teased, and it was all Zayn needed to turn to his side and look at his boyfriend with an evil yet sexy smile on his face.

“Oh?” Was all Zayn replied, and Harry watched as he slowly brought the towel to his mouth. Harry’s eyes went wide as he realized what Zayn was doing, and it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. At first, Zayn give the blue towel a light bite, but as the seconds went by, it became hungry and needy. Zayn was biting sexily on the towel like his life depended on it.

Harry had to bite on his lower lip to prevent a huge and loud moan from erupting at the very back of his throat. Zayn was just the sexiest human being on Earth, even more when he had his beautiful lips biting down on a towel that Harry had just rubbed his cock on. Zayn’s eyes were fixed on Harry’s addicting face, his tongue sliding around the soft material of the blue towel. Harry was almost dipping blood from his lower lip, and that was a signal Zayn took that he was doing it right. He stepped forward so his chest was touching his boyfriend’s, and huskily spoke.

“I think I woke someone up…” Zayn whispered into Harry’s ear, and it was enough to make the younger boy explode. He grabbed both of Zayn’s hips and lifted his thin body, immediately being responded by Zayn’s legs wrapping around his waist. Harry harshly placed Zayn on the cold, white balcony, finally shoving their lips together hungrily. Zayn smiled knowing that his practicing sections of how to be sexy had showed results. He kissed back almost immediately, their lips moving in a perfect sync. Their tongues didn’t fight for dominance anymore, they had become used to it and now they didn’t want to dominate the kiss, they just wanted their tongues to dance together, tasting every inch of each other’s mouth.

Harry had to open his eyes when he felt that Zayn had broken the lips contact.

“I wanna talk to you.” Zayn said, his hands still cupping both sides of Harry face and jaw. “About anything, just talk.” He added, and it was hard for Harry to help the huge grin that pierced his face from ear to ear. Also it wasn’t Zayn who wanted to talk, he was silent most of the time, they just had small conversations usually, and it was always Harry that had to bring them up.

“Okay.” Harry agreed. Zayn had this power upon him. No one could ever stop Harry when he became dominant and sexy, but Zayn… Only to hear something cute made Harry slow down and go from sexy to admiring.

Zayn pecked his boyfriend’s lips one last time, before climbing off the balcony and standing on his feet. Harry grabbed his towel back from the ground and felt his hand being grabbed by Zayn as he guided him to the hydro on the corner of the bathroom. A few minutes later, they were sitting with their legs crossed on top of the hydro. It was full of bubbling water now, and Zayn reached out to grab the soap. He poured a bit on the water, and looked back at the talking Harry.

“I mean, it must be so hard for them. They just want to be free and fly around with their little wings but it ruins everything. I think that, for them, every raindrop i-”

“Every raindrop is a waterfall.” Zayn cut his boyfriend off, and Harry smiled to his love.

“Exactly.” Harry replied, smiling dumbly at Zayn, who chuckled.

“I like the way you can fit song lyrics in such conversations.” Zayn confessed as he sighed lovingly. Harry leaned in to him, pecking his lips quickly before also confessing something.

“I like the way you look after I shove you in the hydro.” Harry said, and instead of blushing like Zayn knew he was going to, he looked at Harry confused. Before he could even think about asking what did he mean, Harry shoved his boyfriend inside the huge hydro, earning a quick yelp from Zayn.

“THA FUCK!?” Zayn yelled, and Harry chuckled. That look placed on Zayn’s face was exactly what he was talking about.

“Now that’s what I meant…” Harry said still chuckling, and an evil and perverted grin spread all over Zayn’s perfect features. Before Harry could let out another laugh, he was pulled inside the hydro as well. Both boys erupted in a huge sequence of laughter.

A few more minutes went by, and now the couple was cuddled up in a corner of the hydro, Zayn’s fingers barely brushing against Harry’s skin as he caressed his boyfriend’s strong and tattooed chest. Both men’s lips move in a perfectly perfect sync as they kiss passionately, no sign of lust being shown, just the pure and rare love. Harry broke the kiss, looking down at Zayn with a loving smile.

“Is it a bad time to make a confession?” Harry whispered, his grip on Zayn’s naked body tightening as he spoke. Zayn gulped, the fear of losing the only person that he lived for washing over him like a river, but he nodded.

“Go ahead, love.” Zayn whispered back, his grip on Harry’s waist and chest tightening as well.

“You know, we’ve been together for around three months and I wanna confess that these had been the best three months of my whole life. I just feel so good when I’m near you, and I enjoy being your boyfriend. I love the way we don’t talk much to each other, we just cuddle and kiss all night and that’s what I look forward the most every day. We go out to the studio, concerts and other things but all day I can’t stop thinking about how much I just want the day to end so I can feel the warmth of your body against mine as we lay naked on bed, even though we didn’t have sex. I love the way you look when I compliment you, the way that adorable shade of red rises up to your cheeks or the way you thank me in such a silent way that even you can’t hear it, but I do. I love the fact that sometimes I arrive at your flat and see you sat on the couch with your glasses and your nose buried on a book, or the way you look proudly at our crowds when we do concerts. But, on top of it all, I love you, Zayn.” Harry spoke, voice low and husky. By the time he finished, Zayn’s fingers had stopped running all over his chest and he looked up at Harry with a wide smile.

“Please tell me you’re not joking with me, Harry.” Zayn said, shifting a bit so he was now facing Harry, still with that wide smile on his face.

“I’m not, I mean it all. I love you, Zaynie.”

“I love you too, Haz. I truly do. You’ve helped me through a lot of shit and you have no idea of how fucking hard I fell for you since the day we met on the X Factor.” And a single joy tear slid down Zayn’s face. “I’m really glad you feel the same way, I love you Harry.” Zayn finished, and Harry hugged him tight. He kissed Zayn shoulder as a signal of affection, before pecking his lips.

After that, they stared at each other’s eyes for a few seconds, just letting all that had happened sink in, until Zayn finally speaks.

“I think I’m ready Haz, you know, to do that. I know how much that means to you and I trust you enough to know you won’t hurt me or leave me tomorrow morning.” Zayn spoke softly, and Harry’s green eyes went wide. Is he really saying this?

“Oh my God, are you sure? Is this really happening? Seriously?” Harry asked, and Zayn couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Yes silly, just promise me you won’t hurt me or leave me or stop loving me because it’ll be my first time and I have no experience at all…” Zayn replied, sighing at the end. Harry grabbed both sides of his face gently with his hands, and kissed him softly for a second.

“I would never leave you, Zayn. I would never hurt you, and I promise that I will never in a billion years, stop loving you. You’re the one I chose and now I’m yours, forever.” Harry replied, kissing Zayn’s scared expression. Zayn nodded, smiling a bit to encourage himself.

“Okay, I trust you; now let’s do this before I change my mind.” Zayn said, and Harry immediately got up, picking his boyfriend up bridal style and stepping out of the hydro. They were both soaking wet as they made their way to the bedroom, Zayn’s head gently lying on Harry’s shoulder.

They got there, and Harry placed Zayn on the bed, crawling on top of him right after. Both males were naked since they had taken off their towel when they got in the hydro, so it was easy to feel how hard their dicks were pressed against each other. Harry brought his face close to Zayn’s and immediately started kissing him hungrily. He had craved for this moment since the day they got together. He always kept asking Zayn if he was ready, but Zayn never was. He was afraid that Harry would leave him when he discovered that he had no skill, and also at the time, Zayn thought he had an ugly body.

After a few minutes of only kissing, Harry’s hands traveled down Zayn’s tanned chest and stopped at his hips, slowly caressing them on a spot he knew Zayn loved: right on his tattoos. Harry’s hungry lips made their way to Zayn’s jawline, slowly sucking and nipping at the recently shaved skin, and after he was satisfied, the next step was his neck.

Harry bit and licked over the exact spot where he knew that was Zayn’s soft one, they had done that a few times, but they never really got to the sex part. After Harry was proud enough of the amount of love bites he had left on Zayn’s neck, he softly looked the boys in the eyes.

“Now we’re entering that part, please trust me and don’t be nervous, babe. I love you.”

“I love you too, Haz.” Zayn replied, his hands caressing Harry’s strong chest. Harry smiled, pecked his boyfriend’s lips one last time, and then went to place kisses all over Zayn’s chest (including his nipples) and stomach.

Zayn’s low and soft moans filled the room, making Harry go insane already. Harry sucked on his heart tattoo, making Zayn moan really loudly this time. The green eyed male looked up at Zayn, asking for permission for his next step, and Zayn nodded.

Harry grabbed the base of Zayn’s thick and long dick, slowly pumping his hand up and down for a few short seconds, watching as Zayn threw his head back in pleasure. Harry smiled, quickening his pace when he felt Zayn’s cock throb on his hands.

Zayn knew Harry was good in bed, but he just didn’t know he was that good. The definition of good totally spun around in Zayn’s head when he felt warm and soft lips engulf his whole member in a swift movement. Zayn realized that the tip of his dick was touching the very back of Harry’s throat, and he finally opened his eyes to see Harry’s nose touching his stomach. He wanted to come just from the sight and the feeling of Harry’s mouth around his cock.

When Zayn thought it was becoming too much pleasure to handle, the amazing feeling of Harry blow jobbing him was gone. Zayn opened his eyes and also realized that Harry wasn’t even between his legs anymore. He felt a feeling of despair wash over him, but then he looked to his right to see Harry coming back from the dresser with a condom and a bottle of lube on his hands.

“Ready?” Harry asked, crouching down to peck his boyfriend’s lips.

“Fuck Harry, I need you inside me right now.” He said, and Harry chuckled. He went to stand in between Zayn’s legs once again, and poured some lube on his fingers.

“Trust me, you’ll need this.” Harry explained when he realized that Zayn looked startled at the thought of being fingered. Zayn nodded, trusting his boyfriend. Harry slowly stuffed one finger inside of Zayn, watching his expression carefully to see if he was in too much pain. Zayn had a pained look on his face, but he didn’t look like he was going to die. After a few moments of being fingered with just one finger, Zayn was already moaning loud, but his moans became even louder when he felt another finger being shoved inside of him. They kept on doing that for a few more moments, only the sound of Zayn’s moan filling the room (and probably the whole flat).

“Okay, as it’s your first time and you don’t want it to hurt too much, you have to ride me.” Harry spoke as he removed his fingers from inside of his boyfriend, and Zayn looked at him a bit surprised. “Trust me; it won’t hurt that much but you’ll feel all the pleasure.” He explained, and Zayn nodded. He would let Harry fuck him on the ceiling just to feel his cock inside of him.

Harry lay on bed next to Zayn and gently rolled the boy over so he was on top of him. They shared a quick and lustful kiss; just enough for Harry to show Zayn that he wouldn’t hurt him. Zayn sucked and nipped at the skin of Harry’s neck as the other boy opened the condom and rolled it on his dick. Harry grabbed the bottle of lube and poured more than enough on his cock.

“It’ll hurt at first but it’ll be the best feeling of your life in a few, I promise.” The last two words were all Zayn needed to trust Harry, and he placed his knees on both sides of Harry’s torso. Harry grabbed the base of his own member and placed it right on Zayn’s entrance. They exchanged a look and Zayn nodded, making Harry slowly slid himself inside of his boyfriend. Zayn’s eyes went wide the second he felt Harry inside of him, and he yelled in pain.

Harry felt a wave of guilty wash over him, and he immediately stopped entering Zayn.

“I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have gone this far w-”

“Please, I want to go all the way with you Harry, you told me it’s going to get better and I trust you, please don’t stop.” Zayn pleaded, looking down at Harry with truthful eyes. Harry nodded, still a bit worried about his boyfriend, but he continued to slowly trust inside of him.

As the seconds went by, Harry’s thrusts were becoming faster, and the pain was becoming too much for Zayn to take. He had his back straight, sitting on top of a moaning Harry, but when Harry risked to thrust a bit further into Zayn, the boy yelled in pain, a tear daring to slide down his face. Even with all the guilty he was feeling, Harry knew that Zayn would love it when he reached his prostate, so he grabbed hold of both of Zayn’s hips, and at the same moment he harshly pulled Zayn down on his cock, he thrusted with all his strength inside of him.

Zayn yelled, but this time in pleasure. He opened his eyes and all he saw were stars. He placed both of his hands on Harry chest as he moaned his name loudly, every thrust sending him to a trip to Pleasure Land.

“F-fuck!” Zayn yelled, making Harry smile proudly. He knew what it was like to have your prostate hit for the first time, and it was the best feeling in the world.

“Good, isn’t it?” Harry asked, still thrusting harshly inside of his boyfriend. He knew Zayn had asked him to don’t be harsh, but there was no way he could hit his prostate without being harsh, but he also knew Zayn would thank him for that the next morning.

“FUCK! SO FUCKING GOOD!” Zayn replied, screaming of course. The same familiar feeling came back to his stomach and he knew he was close. “Haz, I-I’m g-oing to c-ome…” Zayn said, and Harry smirked. He loved this part. His thrusts became even harsher and he was hitting Zayn’s prostate with every single thrust. Zayn felt his load coming and tugged hard on Harry’s chest as he emptied himself on his boyfriend’s chest.

Harry wasn’t done yet, so he continued to thrust. Zayn was still moaning his name, and Harry loved the feeling of him inside his boyfriend, but what really brought him over the edge was when he looked down at Zayn’s throbbing dick, his come still dipping out from it. Harry screamed Zayn’s name as he thrusted one last time inside of him, releasing himself into Zayn.

Zayn immediately fell upon Harry’s chest, his breathing heavy and his dick still throbbing.

“Holy… Shit…” He said, and Harry nodded in agreement. “I should have done this a long time ago…”

“Yeah, you should.” Harry replied, feeling that his eyelids were becoming heavier. “Oh, and just for the record, you’re so fucking good in bed, babe, you have no idea.” Zayn chuckled in response.

“I love you, Harry.”

“I love you more, Zayn.” Harry replied, and they decided not to get up to clean themselves since they were tired as fuck (literally), and they fall asleep on that exact position. Chest glued to chest by Zayn’s cum.


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